Thursday, October 22, 2020


We have concluded our passage from Portland, OR to the Sea of Cortez, MX. This passage totaled 265 days (Alaska 2017 was 166 days). Our total nautical miles from Portland OR, down the coast, into the Sea of Cortez and ending up in San Carlos, Mx. was 2882 nautical miles, statue miles was 3317 (not including road trips). 

Of the 265 days, we visited 23 marinas and 12 different anchorages. We stopped for fuel 3 times (Portland, Long Beach & LaPaz) approx fuel burned was 930 gals.   

This was the breakdown of ports and anchorages. 

    05  Columbia River Ports     Portland, St Helens, Longview, Cathlamet, Astoria

    03  Oregon Coast Ports        Newport, Bandon, Brookings

    13  California Ports               Cresent City, Eureka, Fort Bragg, Bodego Bay, Saucilito, 

                                                  Montery, San Simeon, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara,

                                                  Oxnard, Long Beach, Oceanside, San Diego (Coronado)

    20  Mexico Ports                   Ensenada, Bahia Colonet, Bahia San Quintin, Bahia Tortuga

                                                  Bahia Ascunion, Bahia Abreojos, Bahia Magdelina, 

                                                  Bahia San Jose Del Cabo, La Paz (x2), Bahia Los Muertos (x2)

                                                  Mazatlan, Bahia Agua Verde, Puerto Escondido (Loreto)

                                                  Bahia Ensenada Grande, Bahia San Franscisco, Bahia Marial,

                                                  Bahia San Gabrial, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico (haul out)

We also rented cars in various locations in order to explore National Parks, historic towns and scout out marinas for boat yard work and summer storage. We also had to secure a caretaker for Pairadice while in the yard for summer. There were 10 road trips total. 

                      Redwoods National Park (Cresent City), San Franscisco, CA, Las Vegas, NV,

                      Durango, MX, Los Mochis, MX, Topolobolpo, MX, Guaymas, MX, San Carlos, MX

                      Loreto, MX, Mulege, MX                          

Looking back on our longest cruise yet... We have plenty to be thankful for! We did it without any health issues, disappointments and only one seafaring issue to overcome. Team work proved to be  essential!  

Wednesday am 7/17/20  Full moon in Newport, OR   (day 13 of 265) in Bandon, OR. All the art is made from trash, washed ashore.
All these pieces are huge! you can click on any picture to enlarge. 

All the trash is sorted by color, then the artists go to work designing.
The seahorse is made of hundreds of thousands of bottle caps...... 
and more green plastic waste.  
(remember to click on any picture to enlarge)

This was our hike through Redwoods National Forest.
(With Mary and Ian aboard m/v AEgis)

Mary and Ian onboard EAgis, Nordhavn 40.

Fort Bragg

Crossing under the Golden Gate Bridge

Pilot house underway over night. 

This photo is with the flash. 
We check the instruments every 15 - 30 minutes.

We limited over night passages to seven. 
Sunrise after an overnighter is always exciting. 
John is usually asleep in the watch berth when that occurs.

Arrived San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara, CA  91 nm 12.5 hrs
Saturday 8/24/20, day 51

Sending a special thank you to all our Oregon and California visitors.
Russ & Missy, John & Cindy, Seth & Christy, Gwynith & Warren, Julie & James, Tanya & Paislee.

Another beautiful Ensenada sunset!

Our view from our moorage. 

Ensenda, MX, Day of the Dead Celebration.

Bahia Tortuga (Turtle Bay) on John's Birthday.
November 10, 2019

The guys looking at weather, trying to decide whether to leave or stay.

Another tuna coming onboard. Great way to celebrate Veteran's Day.

Anchorage at Abreojos to Bahia Magdelina 
(Mag Bay)170nm 24hrs.

The calm before the storm.
Once tropical storm Raymond received it's name everyone 
anchored in the bay decided to stay put.

And someone found a way to locate 50 lobsters....
so a storm party was announced!

Just a few of the targets on AIS heading to and from the Sea of Cortez.

Rounding Cabo heading for San Jose Del Cabo to rest up for several days. 

Wednesday & Thursday 11/20, day 139 & 140 
Mag Bay to San Jose Del Cabo   183 nm 25 hrs

A few of our Nordhavn friends got in position for this drone photo
by Kevin and Alison on Red Rover. It was funny the CEO of Nordhavn
recognized our Selene in the group when this was posted.

The previous is just a few of the early highlights of our trip. Due to time constraints, 
upcoming travel plans and the expected loss of internet, 
I will conclude this 2019/2020 summary and lessons learned by naming 
some fellow cruisers along the way whom we are glad to call our friends. 

Jeff and Pam Merrill / / our broker
Garth Jones our San Carlos Boat Project Manager and Caretaker

Tom and Kay                          Alaskan Sea-Duction       Camargue
Russ and Missy                      Melissa Lynn                   Selene
Ian and Mary                          EAgis                               Nordhavn
Rob & Deanna                       Bella Luna                        Selene
Kevin and Alison                    Red Rover                       Nordhavn
Dean and Kathy                     Sea Este'                         Sailing vessel
Charles and Lisa                    Ho'okipa                          Selene
Jeff and Shannon                   Igloo                                Nordhavn
Mike and Elaine                     Partida                             Nordhavn
Scott and Abby                      Epoch                              Nordhavn
Alec and Lisa                         Audrey Mae                     Nordhavn
Fred and Sharon                   IIWII                                 Great Northern
Peter and Connie                  Next Chapter                    Selene
Patrick, Tara and Everest      Pandion                            Sailing vessel

For more info and the complete timeline you can look at previous posts.

Our plans for winter 2020 through 2021 take us from San Carlos, MX south down the mainland Mexican Coast. We'll be going back to Mazatlan, venturing further south this time to visit 
Barre de Navidad, Acapulco, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama City, Colon, 
San Blas Islands, Aruba, Grenada, U.K. Virgin Islands, etc... 
and on to the East Coast seaboard of the Carolinas. Once we arrive there we will 
look forward to flying home to visit our family and friends at home in Las Vegas.

Thanks for checking in with our blog! Cheers, John and Tracey Cerul

Saturday, September 26, 2020



After our stay in Mulege, we drove back to Marina Puerto Escondido, where Paradice was moored. It was March 7th 2020, Day 247 of our cruise. We had been in Mexico for 145 days. 
Returning we found the first evidence of Covid-19 restrictions on Baja side of the Sea of Cortez. We had been following the news online etc, so we were not surprised to find this.

However, we realized some important decisions would need to be made. We had 35 days left on our visas. They original plan was return to our home in Las Vegas mid April. If we don't go home now would the borders, airports, bus lines be closed? We had planned on taking the express executive bus line, however they would not accommodate Patches (our Boston Terrier). 

Once back at the boat we discussed at all the options. Pairadice would be going into storage yard on the hard. We already have a reservation for the haul out in April. Should we change our travel dates, a small number of things would be effected. But first we had to get to San Carlos, then, figure out how to cross the Mexican border in order to return home.  

The cruise from Marina Puerto Escondido to 
San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
was 133nm 20hrs at 8 knots
We set out at sunrise on March 17th, day 257 (155 days in MX)

However, before we could leave, we had to accomplish a number of things
to get Pairadice ready for storage. That included fun and games with our friends
Rob and Deanna on Bella Luna, repairing plugged sanitation lines, catching up on
laundry, maintenance and provisions for the last crossing. 

It rained over night and we did a lot of "hobby horsing". We made the most of short shifts and many naps. It was still raining when we arrived in San Carlos. As I was getting ready about, readying dock lines and setting the fenders, I found we had a stowaway on the flybridge. I had never seen a bat up close, therefore risked pissing off the Captain by sneaking a photo opt. It flew away as the fender reached the water. We had previous slip assignment and it wasn't long before we were enjoying a big breakfast and long nap.

This was our view of the hillside from our moorage, every morning for the next week. 

The churches are always welcoming.

Patches loves her local walks where ever we are.

Beautiful in the laundry room...

...complete with local entertainment helps with folding clothes.

John getting everything ship shape for the coming haul out.
We were able to move our storage reservation to Tuesday, March 24

Cleaning the bilges. 

Empty and clean the fridge, giving anything of substance away to marina staff. 

Marina Seca does not use a travel lift but a hydraulic trailer towed by a front loader.
That was a first for us! All we could do is stand back and watch.  

Pairadice is ready for the trailer and the road!
LOA is 52' / beam 15.5' / draft is 5.5 / weight is 60,000lbs (30 tons)

All previous haul outs were accomplished with a travel lift.
This was the first time she was ever on a trailer.
We had to trust the expertise of the yard crew and could not interfere.

A front loader is the tractor that hauls the boat out of the water.
 This is on the hard at the top of the ramp.
Crazy right? 

Pairadice on the road to Marina Seca, the work yard, 
then she will be moved to the storage yard for the summer. 

This is what the hydraulic stands look like on the trailer. 
It's time for a power wash and new bottom paint!

Pairadice on the hard waiting for the support jacks to get settled in.
I like the contrast between John's size and his boat. 

Yes, all sorts of maintenance is planned before our next cruise in the fall of 2020.
the work list has over 20 items listed. I'm sure that list will grow with time. It does include; 
new bottom paint, new sani lines, new cutless bearings, all kinds of filters, 
sending the prop out, remove and inspect, clean and inspect, etc. All kinds of stuff. 
More later on accomplishing that!

Secure in the yard at Marina Seca, San Carlos, Sorona, Mexico.

Arrangements were made for a local to drive us to Nogales, MX tomorrow at 7:30 am.

A pair of longtime friends happened to be traveling in Phoenix, AZ.
they dropped everything to pick us up after we walked across the border to Nogales, AZ.
We loaded our essencials in bags, backpacks and hauled it to the hotel in a wagon. 

 Reservations had been made at Hotel Tetakawi on the main drag.

Patches had a nice yard to peruse.

And was allowed to join us for fresco dining across the street at sunset. 

I made friends with the staff at Charly's Rock.

San Carlos, Sorona, MX sunset.

I was trying to keep up with John at the border crossing.

We met Jeff and Wendy at the McDonalds in Nogales, AZ. 
They hauled us to their digs in Phoenix, AZ and put us up for the night.

After renting a car from the nearby airport...
saying goodbye and thank you! Jeff, Tracey, Wendy & John.

Getting settled in at home with a visit of a few of our kids!