Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Saturday, August 10th, day 37   Bodega Bay, CA to Sausalito, CA (San Fransisco) 53nm
     Up early as usual. John walked the dog this time. It was 7am. I was feeling rather sluggish, the morning was very foggy with a chill in the air. Running the boat in dense fog with limited visibility leaves much to be desired. The fuel dock had many fishing boats coming and going. John began to work on the steering again so I had an opportunity to make some cinnamon rolls before getting underway.
     Ship shape and off the dock at 8:30am. AEgis left about 6:30am. We wound bach through the red and green bouys with little visibility. Once out in the open the radar blew up with numerous targets (other boats) in the water way. We have a course set on our chart, the fishermen are trolling at a slower speed and proved to have little regard for our larger vessel. Dodging the targets on radar lasted for several hours. We could not physically see them until we were almost on top of them. It was very tense.
     The condition didn’t improve throughout the day. I continued to hope the fog would lift for photo opts under the Golden Gate Bridge!  We did see some dolphin and whales today, but they didn’t stick around for any proof of it. 

Pairadice heading to San Francisco in the fog. 

Not much visibility.

Later we could see the coast, but not for long.

Golden Gate Bridge in the fog, as we head to our moorage in Sausalito. 

Our moorage in Sausalito, CA.

Another beautiful sunset.
Sunday, August 11, day 38    Schoonmaker Marina  Sausalito, CA
   That morning we calculated that since we left Portland on July 5th, 38 days ago, we have traveled 691nm. We have made 12 stops, some one night some several nights. Let us refresh the list..... Salpare Bay - St Helens, OR. St Helens to Longview, WA. Longview to Cathlamet - Cathlamet to Astoria, OR..... bar crossing! Astoria to Newport. OR was 105nm!  Moorage was reasonable. Newport to Bandon, Bandon to Brookings, OR.  to Crescent  City, CA, Then to Eureka, Ft Bragg, Sausalito, CA. 

     Once into Schoonmaker Marina and after resting up we went ashore using an uber to take us to San Francisco for the current Fishermen Wharf Pier 39 tourista experience. And that it was! More than we bargained for. It was a zoo, but we found a great place for a late lunch. Later that afternoon we went out to a light dinner at The Pub.

The Gravlax was done curing, time to get it in the freezer, but first a yummy taste!

We used uber to go into San Fransisco.
We found a great place to eat, but the tourista thing left a bit to be desired. 

Loved the Victorian architecture!

Tuesday, August 13, day 40   Sausalito, CA Schoonmaker Point Marina

     We spent most of the day getting things ship shape. It was our last night at that stop. It actually got quite warm, I even wore shorts and a tank top. I took Patches to the beach where she played in the water and cooled off. Spent some time relaxing with John in the cockpit attempting to practice my guitar. John grilled links for an easy dinner. Watched the sunset... Went to bed early as the following day would be a long run from Sausalito to Monterey, CA.

At the marina in Sausalito. 

Our friends Ian and Mary's moorage, m/vEAgis.

Wednesday, August 13, day 41 Sausalito, CA to Monterey, CA   94.8nm 12hrs
We had a clear day heading to Monterey.

Friday, August 16, day 43  Monterey Municipal Marina Slip H9
      Today was my big day to split off from John and play tourists. I had already scoped out the lay of the land. 

And then there was this, Big time car show/auction, all week long!

The eccentric Salvador Dali!

Saturday, August 17, day 44  Monterey Municipal Marina Slip H9
      That days objective was all about walking to Traders Joe’s for provisions and stopping by a UPS store to scan some copies of boat docs for the insurance company in order to be covered in Mexico. We walked past lots of historic buildings but John was on a mission and taking photos and learning about them was not on his agenda. I did manage a nice picture of The Golden State Theatre, the first theater in California built in 1926. 

Sunday,  August 18, day 45  Monterey Municipal Marina Slip H9  

     Maintenance day on Pairadice. While John was cleaning the bildges, he found one of the four main bildge pumps to have gone bad, it was old and needed replacement. We got the mattress up and into the canvas bag where he stores his spare parts under the bed. Sure enough Crusty Chief had two new spares. He grunted, groaned and cussed for the next two hours laying on his belly bruising his ribs while I throughly cleaned the pilot house conditioning the wood and leather. The vacumn cleaner also got a workout. Followed that up homemade tacos and showers. Tomorrow was to be another long run underway to San Simeon, CA.

Friday, November 29, 2019


This segment is FAST FORWARD......... I'm skipping past southern California, but it may show up someday....

As with other blog entries, this is no different. I am behind! 

My husband is always giving me a hard time about being delinquent with the blog entries. Truth be told, it is very difficult to operate the boat with only two persons on board AND stay on top of ALL the details. My priorities are healthy meals, organizing rations, clean sheets, researching charts and weather, etc. There have been certain things that contribute to and affect the ability to download pictures, cut and paste, etc. Given our various nautical miles, locations in route to the landfalls south, lack of WiFi and the time consumed to post a proper updates (blog) make it very challenging to stay current with my blog. For those of you who actually follow it, please forgive me. 

That brings me to “Fast Forward”. In light of the fact that I haven’t posted on the blog since I don’t know when, I thought I would share a recap. Here we are at the end of November. Thanksgiving has arrived. However holidays are no longer our focus. It’s all about moving the boat from point A to point B, being grateful for the adventure. Our kids,  extended family and friends may not understand it, but that is okay. 

2019 has taken us through many different locations. We made it to the Sea of Cortez on day 140. Please realize, there has been no rush. Three Columbia River ports, including timing the Columbia River Bar crossing. We visited four Oregon ports, fourteen California ports and nine Mexican ports. All in the (almost) first 150 days. We actually arrived in LaPaz, MX today, Friday, November 30th 2019. We really can't count today due to sleep deprivation and Friday and Saturday melt into one! 

Salpare Bay Marina, Hayden Island, OR to St. Helens, OR (for fuel, 500gal)  20mn

St. Helens, OR to Fisher Slough, WA (for a rendezvous with friends, because we could) 

Fisher Slough to Cathlamet  (wait out weather for Columbia Bar crossing) 16.5nm

Cathlamet, WA to Astoria, OR  (Port of Astoria Marina)  23nm

Astoria, OR to Newport, OR 113.5nm 13hrs

Newport, OR to Bandon, OR  98nm  12hrs

Bandon, OR to Brookings , OR  77 nm 10hrs

Brookings, OR to Cresent City, CA  24nm  3hrs

Cresent City, CA to Eureka, CA  66nm  9hrs

Eureka, CA to Fort Bragg, CA  99nm 14hrs (with hydraulic steering problems=emg tiller)

Fort Bragg, CA to Bodego Bay, CA  85nm  11hr

Bodego Bay, CA to Sausalito, CA   53nm  6hrs

Sausalito, CA to Monterey, CA  95nm  12hr

Monterey, CA to San Simeon, CA  85nm  11hrs

San Simeon, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA  40nm  5hrs

San Luis Obispo, CA to Santa Barbara, CA  91nm 13hrs

Santa Barbara, CA to Oxnard, CA  30nm 4hrs

Oxnard, CA to Long Beach, CA  70nm  9hrs

Long Beach, CA to Oceanside, CA  51nm  6hrs

Oceanside, CA to San Diego, CA  45nm  6hrs

San Diego, CA to Ensenada, MX  72nm 10hrs

Ensenada, MX to Bahia Colonet, MX  67nm 10hrs 

Bahia Colonet, MX to Bahia San Quintin, MX 44nm  6hrs

Bahia San Quintin, MX to Bahia Tortuga, MX  (Turtle Bay) 182nm  26hrs

Bahia Tortuga, MX  (Turtle Bay) to Bahia Ascunion, MX  55nm 8 hrs

Bahia Ascunion, MX to Bahia Abreojos, MX 72nm  11hrs

Bahia Abreojos, MX to Bahia Magdelina, MX 170nm 24hrs

Bahia Magdelina, MX to San Jose del Cabo, MX  183nm 26hrs

San Jose del Cabo, MX to LaPaz, MX  125nm  18hrs

I have been  unable to download pictures (off grid), hopefully that gets resolved when we arrive in LaPaz, MX. 

Now that we have arrived, let's try some pictures... forgive me if they are not in order!

Happily underway, again!

Leaving Saucilito, CA for Monterey, CA

Heading under the famous Golden Gate Bridge. 

Crusty Chief enjoying life from the flybridge.