Saturday, December 22, 2018

HELLS CANYON and the trip back downriver

This summers trip was much shorter than the previous years. The goal was to get some experience going through the locks and that we did. 4 locks on the Columbia River and 4 locks on the Snake River, which had to be done twice in order to get our boats back to home port.  After provisioning we set out on May 23rd. This was by no means a speed run.  We arrived at Hells Canyon Resort and Marina June 18th, 46* 25.3'N 117* 4.4'W. At our moorage in Clarkston, Washington, we were within minutes from Lewiston, Idaho. We enjoyed an entire week milling about the Lewis and Clark history there, visiting breweries, museums making friends and mapping out the river bottom for our shallow departure.

The last lock at Lower Granite Dam

735 feet above sea level.

Moored at Hells Canyon Resort, Clarkston, Washington to the west and Lewiston, Idaho to the east. Was Pairadice the first Selene to travel this far up the Snake? 

This was very shallow, but we made it!

Hells Canyon Resort and Marina offers history in the sidewalk.

This is depicted from the actual Lewis and Clark journals.

Steel silhouettes over looking the Snake River, pointing to Idaho.

Pairadice in the chop.

Day 34, June 25th. This is the jet boat that took us up river in the shallows through Hells Canyon.

Later we took the dinks over to Lewiston.

At the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

Lots of big horn sheep!

Native writings, very remarkable to the Anasazi of Utah and Colorado!

The Captain and crew of the Snake Dancer Excursion. 

John and Tom telling lies with the skipper.

Hells Canyon root cellar.

...through the rapids, farther east on the Snake River.

Shipmates... John, Tom and Tracey

Moorage in Arlington... up and down River.

You better like trains as they traverse on both sides of the river.

Back at Beacon Rock day 48! Possibly our favorite!
You can see Bonneville Dam and Lock in the distance.

We could not resist taking another hike atop Beacon Rock!

Finished the last lock heading home.

....but wait, another party on the dock, followed by a grilled steak dinner!

Heading home to Salpare Bay Marina, passing Mt. Hood on the Columbia River.

By the way... have a look at January 2019 issue of SEA Magazine!
They did a feature on us doing this summers passage. Pretty Cool!

Friday, August 31, 2018

ON TO THE SNAKE RIVER, more locks and docks...

Once rested up, provisioned and all that jazz... we left Kennewick and headed up the Snake River through four more locks at dams, arriving in Hells Canyon Resort and Marina. 

On the Columbia at Tri Cities, WA

Our transient moorage on Clover Island, Port of Kennewick.

Monday, June 11  Day 20 - Kennewick, WA to Fish Hook Marine Park via Ice Harbor Dam and Lock.  Checked out of the marina with a very nice swag bag gift from the yacht club! 

Bring on the swag!

Another rail bridge lift.

 Back tracked under the long Suspension Bridge and entered the Snake River. Navigated the Ice Harbor Lock on the Dam at high noon. Our destination was Fish Hook Marine Park, where we throughly enjoyed our overnight.

Beautiful day for a cruise!

Ice Harbor Lock and Dam, the 1st dam on the Snake River, 100' lift. 
Ice Harbor Lock has a guillotine style door sliding vertically.

Leaving the lock, heading to our overnight at Fish Hook.

The guys relaxing at our moorage.

Once secure at Fish Hook, Patches got a big treat of running on the grass and trees. Dinner and a movie... Kay prepared a great BBQ chicken dinner with corn on the cob and I made pasta salad. 

Tuesday, June 12  Day 21 -   Fish Hook Marine Park to Lyon’s Ferry Marina via 
Lower Monumental Dam and Lock (100’ lift)  You can clearly see why this is named the Snake River! The radar indicates the width of the river is appx 1/2 a mile. We LOTS of way points, constantly correcting the autopilot. There are trains, cattle ranches, farms and all sorts of Washington agriculture along the way. We could not have asked for a better day for this twisty leg of the passage.  The sun is shining, the river is only between 20 - 30‘ deep!   We have no cell service or wifi. Back off the grid.  

The Snake River

Lower Monumental Lock and Dam.
 Communication with the lock operator had us slowing down 2 miles out from the dam. We had to wait appx an hour to go through. Recreational vessels are only allowed to go through the lock ever 1.5 hours starting at 9am. The operator finally let us go through at 12:10. I think it was a control thing because we were clearly idling outside the dam for what seemed like forever.

ASD is secure!

Pairadice is sercure...

The foam that is created during this 100' lift!

The rock walls at the lock... kinda grimey!

Our moorage at Lyon's Ferry was 2 nights.

Spinach salad with grilled shrimp and garlic knots.
Quite often our meals on board in far away places are better than most restaurants.

Wednesday, June 13  Day 22 -  Lyon’s Ferry Marina, WA staying put on the Snake River waiting the winds out. The KOA here runs the marina and RV Park. 

There were plenty of walking trails and we throughly enjoyed this moorage!

Thursday, June 14  Day 23 -  Up early headed out 7am. Lyon's Ferry Marina to Boyer’s Park and Marina via Little Goose Dam and Lock. This leg was a bit breezy with white caps on the water,  but there was plenty of sunshine. Rolling hills line the waterway on both shorelines. The lock operators were pretty entertaining, lots of chatter, big smiles and waves as we exited!  We continued to “snake” up the Snake River to Boyer Park and Marina located in Colfax Washington on Lower Granite Road.

Little Goose Dam and Lock

Patches is ready and patiently waits to go through the lock.

The doors close and the lock fills for another 100' lift. 
ASD leaving Little Goose Lock.

A couple friendly hitchhikers wanting to take the leap.

The Snake River is a major river of the greater Pacific Northwest Region in the United States. At 1078 miles in length, it is the largest tributary of the Columbia River, in turn the largest North American river that empties into the Pacific Ocean. 

(Remember to click on the picture to enlarge and scroll through the photos)

It was a little shallow coming in.

Our great moorage at Boyer Park and Marina.

Our guys version of grilling and pretending to be important.
Friday, June 15  Day 24 -  We are very much enjoying our 3 night stay here at Boyer Park KOA and Marina. The managers, Daryl and Evon are are super, the grounds and facilities, as well. After enjoying a fine lunch at the new restaurant (which only serves between 11am and 2pm) we launched the dingies and cruised the river. Late afternoon naps and a 4 mile walking trail to the Lower Granite Dam made for a great relaxing day!

We enjoyed an afternoon exploration in the dingy.

The local industry.... farming.

Retracing part of the Lewis and Clark expedition who’s discoveries took place between May 1804 and September 1806, under the command of President Thomas Jefferson. This track has has taken us through seven locks and dams so far, with one more to go. Then we hang out on the Snake River at Hells Canyon Resort for one week, doing the Lewis and Clark Tourist thing. But first it's on to the next... Lower Granite Lock and Dam.