Sunday, July 15, 2018


We arrived back on Pairadice the afternoon of Thursday, May 17th. We spent the week visiting family and seeing to maintenance and provisions. The team meeting with the crew of Alaskan Sea-Duction was accomplished and the plan set in place in April. They left Longview, WA on Tuesday the 22nd, fueling in St. Helenes, OR. 

Home is Salpare Bay Marina

Patches is learning to be a boat doggie!

Day 1 - Wednesday May 23rd. We left Portland, OR, the following day fueling on Hayden Island, prior to meeting ASD on Government Island to spend the night before the official start of our Columbia River Trip up the Snake River to Lewingston, Idaho. Met Tom and Kay on Alaskan Sea-Duction on Government Island for the night. 

Alaskan Sea-Duction and Pairadice.

John and Kay, and the adventure begins.

Government Island

ASD in the sunset, moored at Government Island, OR.

Day 2 - Thursday   May 24  Government Island to Beacon Rock

Skipper is taking a smoke break.

We had the dock to ourselves, at first!

The river was very high!

Day 3 - Friday   May 25  Hiked Beacon Rock 4 miles / 4hours / 53 switchbacks

Day 4 - Saturday May 26  Beacon Rock / Dolphin Yacht Club Party 
                                          (AND Niece Carolynn's Birthday)

The wind stole my hat later today.

It's remarkable that you can't see this man made trail from below. 

The view from above, those are our vessels,
the day before the yacht club's Memorial Day Party arrived!

...the photographer was absent that day...
...may be we can do better on the return trip...

Day 5 - Sunday   May 27  Beacon Rock to windy Hood River through the Bonneville Dam via the Lock (an 82' lift). We passed under the Bridge of the Gods. Dodging the dozens of kiters and sail boards was actually more troublesome than dodging the crab pots on the Pacific West Coast off Washington!

Heading for the Bonneville Lock and Dam.

Waiting our turn.

Doors are closed. Water is rising. This first lock on the Columbia is 82'.

Almost there.

Leaving Bonneville Lock heading for Hood River guest dock.
Bridge of the Gods!

Day 6 - Monday   May 28  (Memorial Day)  Played tourista in Hood River, ended up watching the LGK game (NHL playoffs) at the local pub.

Day 7 - Tuesday  May 29  Hood River to Port of the Dalles

Wind was up heading toward Hood River.

Our moorage just before the next Lock and Dam.

Patches hanging out in the watch berth in the pilot house. 

Day 8 - Wednesday May 30  Hood River to Arlington, OR via the Dalles Lock (an 88' lift), and John Day Lock (a 105' lift)

ASD in the lead.

The rivers are lined with grain silos and barges. 

Mt Hood in the distance.

Finally the Celilo Railroad Bridge opened!

John Day Lock and Dam, Tom and Kay in the lead this time.

Entering the lock.

We call on the radio, Pairadice is secure!

Up against the wall in the lock.

Our digs in Arlington, OR

Day 9 - Thursday May 31  Relaxed in Arlington... enjoyed a pizza night at the local joint.

Day 10 - Friday  June 1  Toted the wagons to the market for provisions

Day 11 - Saturday  June 2  Arlington to Umatilla, OR