Tuesday, April 9, 2019


The preparations for our trip south to Mexico (and beyond) started in 2018. 
We had a diver come out to survey the hull and replace zincs. 
The tender was hauled out and serviced. Personal doctor and vet visits. 
John changed the oil, had a new hydraulic steering ram installed, 
and made new shade covers for warm weather. 
Constant repairs, improvements and replacements!  
Inventory lists, lots of cleaning, all kinds of stuff! 

And let's not forget the fact that SEA Magazine featured our summer
Columbia River trip in the January 2019 issue. Almost famous!

We spent two months transitioning the locks and dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers east to Idaho.

At rest in our new slip Salpare Bay Marina on Hayden Island, Portland, OR.

John changing the oil in his massive engine room.

....and the projects continue with replacing zincs.

We hired a serious hunk of a diver!

Splash down!
Just some of the pantry. I label the lids with a sharpie,
contents and expiration date. Must rotate the stock.
I also keep lists of what is on hand and where it is located.
This view is under the couch in the salon.

Self explanatory... 

We launched the dingy for inspection and preparation of hauling it out for service.
You can see the discoloring of the signage, the whole thing was detailed, engine overhaul and inflatable repairs. 

The inflatable boat shop we used was in downtown Portland.
They loaned us a trailer, which John drove to meet me at the ramp,
while Patches and I carefully motored over to the public launch ramp.
We had a great day to bring the dink in, everything went very smoothly. 
The trip launching the beautiful, revitalized tender and getting it back to the mothership... in the wind, white caps and sailing regatta... did not go so well!  There are no pictures of suffering the dead engine, polishing the prop, or fearing washing up. I was able to spy a near by dingy and plead for a tow! He was reluctant, but I did have a very cute 18lb Boston Terrier on board. Using the phone was very difficult in the wind with now power! He agreed to help! I tossed him a line and once in deeper water, I was able to get underway on my own power. I missed the fork in the river, not realizing I was lost until I spotted a familiar waterfront hangout. Made the U-turn, got a phone call through to my husband, who had been waiting for me to arrive. 
I used to be called as "Halibut Queen", now they call me "Prop Polisher". 

Trouble shooting the maintenance that was done, ... all systems a go!!!
Trawler Tender Pairadice looks brand new!

View from lunchtime at nearby Hidden Bay Cafe.
National Guard exercises are daily at the marina.

F-15's we think?

A visit from Brother Mat, both so stoic!

Dexter and Patches had a play day!

And then there was the time when I was working with inventory,
saw the fire department's watercraft in the marina, went to the windows
to scope it out and fell straight into the hold. Knocked the wind right out of me!

There is a lot of storage down here. Leaving the hatch open proves to be hazardous!

Patches helping John sort fishing gear and organize his "garage". 

We have begun collecting cruising guides.
Also purchased an "In Reach"
This will allow us to text when we have no WFI, while off the grid.

Another afternoon social gathering with our favorite Harbor Master, Jeff and other mariners. 
Jimmy Johns Sandwich Shop dropped by with free samples! 

Purchased some additional offshore life jackets, these have tethers!
Acquired some more useful tools for our trip south.
I love these cruising books and have learned how necessary
they are to facilitate navigating new cruises.
The ones we used for Canada and Alaska were so valuable!

The architecture of downtown Portland.

A trip to Vaughan Brothers to purchase phyertex and other canvas supplies.
Measure twice, cut once!

John broke out his Sailrite sewing machine and started designing
new shade cloths for Pairadice's trip south.

The Harbor Master's let him set up shop at the office's patio.

M/VPairadice also got new shades!

Trying on the aft shade. We will be storing the aft winter enclosure at home.   

The analysis.

Finishing touches.
Came out great, the Man has skills!
And then there is this, repairing an other drawer...

Took a break to play tourista with a guest from Las Vegas!

Julie and Patches at the beach.
I'm obsessed with my grand dog!
We took at road trip to Astoria, visiting the Maritime museum,
climbing the Astoria Column, dining at the historic ...... and checking out the Columbia River Bar.

Japanese Yosegaki family flags from World War II.

The Great Columbia River, Washington to the north and Oregon to the south.

We enjoyed a clam chowder lunch at the world famous Portway Tavern.

Stairway to Heaven

Bridge of the Gods

Another hike atop Beacon Rock (State Park) in the Columbia River Gorge! 

54 switchbacks, climbing 800 feet!

On to Multnomah Falls. 

We wanted to hike the trail but it was closed due to last years fire.
The fall colors were amazing!

My favorite picture of the Vista House, a museum in Multnomah County, Oregon.
It is located at Crown Point on the Columbia River Gorge, built in 1918.
It serves as a memorial to the Oregon pioneers and as a comfort station
for travelers on the Historic Columbia River Highway.
The architecture, history and nostalgia is huge! 

A visit to the Japanese Gardens in Portland Oregon with Julie.

John and Julie.... darlings!

We throughly enjoyed this day!

Fall is possibly the BEST time to visit!

A rare photo of John being relaxed and patient with us!

Another bridge returning to our marina.

The following day the girls left John at the boat while we toured 
the King Tut exhibit at the OMSI, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. 

Recreation of the Anti-chamber of the boy King's tomb.

The exhibit was fascinating! 

Not very easy to photograph!

These are just the highlights of all the pictures we took.

My serious hunk of a skipper is also quite the handyman!

The washer/dryer combo decided to flood!

Identified the problem!

We ended 2018 with our road trip back to Las Vegas for Christmas with the kids. This time we drove down the coast taking Hwy 101. We checked out the Oregon and California coasts checking out bar crossings and marinas for our boat trip south. Astoria, OR to Cresent City, CA is 280 nautical miles which would take us 40 hours. The current decision proposed is Astoria to Newport 106nm/15hrs... Newport to Coos Bay 80nm/11.5hrs... Coos Bay to Cresent City, CA 107nm/15.5hrs. Crescent City to Bodega Bay 230nm/32hrs. Bodega Bay to San Fransisco 52nm/7.5hrs. We've not planned the trip south of San Fran as of yet. Lots to think about.

We devised an alternative plan, making more land falls. Unsure which we will go with, but I suspect it will be the latter. 1 month on the Oregon Coast, 3 months on the California Coast. 

Astoria - Oceanside               60nm 8hrs         Garibaldi Marina

Oceanside - Newport             61nm 8hrs

Newport - Winchester            60nm 8hrs

Winchester - Coos Bay          21nm 3.5

Coos Bay - Brookings            88nm 12.5hrs     Bandon???

Brookings - Cresent City       22nm 3.5hrs

Cresent City - Eureka            64nm 9hrs

Eureka - Fort Bragg               91nm 13hrs        Noya Basin 

Ft Bragg to Bodega Bay         83nm 12hrs

Bodega Bay to San Fransisco       50nm 7hrs