Monday, February 1, 2021

December 2020 Farther South in Mexico

We started out from splash down after much yard work, bottom paint and refueling in San Carlos, MX on 10/30/20. Topped off our tanks with 1000 gallons of diesel. At that time our current destination was an anchorage in Topolbampo. 26 hours later we arrived at our anchorage. We had mellow seas heading south @ 1600rpm achieving 8.4kts. The 196 nm turned out to be a mere 210 nm. We arrived at 8am, dropping the hook.  Enjoyed a hearty brunch, showers, etc. Nights were warm and neighboring boats were loud. 

Anchor up at 6:30 am Sunday, November 1. We were in Sinola, MX. Breakfast was "pigs in a blanket with a side of fruit. Today's run was 222 nm 30 hrs. Topolbampo to Mazatlan.

Our goal was to get to Mazatlan, we had guests arriving. After a week of that, we made our way to Puerto Vallarta on Sunday, 11/15, 175 nm 26 hours. This was day 17. 175 nm and 26 hrs later.  PV was more of the same. We did enjoy catching up with Ian and Mary aboard EAgis.

Mexican Coast Guard

Very tight getting into the marina. The fuel dock is a very busy place that time of day. 

Pairadice tucked into her slip at high tide. 

With arriving at 10 am, I walked the dog and got the lay of the land and a fine place for lunch. 

The never ending shopping for parts, again. 

So I fed this vegetarian a flower, but he didn't hesitate to take a hunk out of my finger! 

The crocs are real too!

The batteries for the thrusters under our bed. 

Our bedroom became a bit disheveled, But we always make out in the end. 

Tuesday means it's Farmer's Market at Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta!

We met with Ian and Mary the crew of EAgis for shopping and lunch.
It was great to see them again. 

Patches was helping inflate the small dink. 

Last dog walk in PV. All ship shape to head to Barre Navidad, MX
for the Panama Posse meeting of the minds. 

Monday, 11/30/20 Fuel Dock, Puerto Vallarta to Barre Navidad
140 nm, 18 hours.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Cruise 2020/2021

 We spent two months living in San Carlos getting Pairadice ready for the next big adventure. Our hosts at the Casita we rented were fabulous! Big shout out to Lydia, Spike and our neighbor Roy! Could not ask for better accommodations and their hospitality was over the top!

So we starting counting our travel days once we moved from the casita back on the boat.

Day 1: was moving day, and found the generator to have a problem.  Appeared to be a fuse. No big deal, right?

Day 2: Up early and ready, made a fuel stop in San Carlos, topped off the tanks and headed for the first anchorage. San Carlos to Bahia Topolobampo. It was October 31, 20. A Saturday with a full moon. Love it when that happens! Dropped the hook, and rested up.

Day 4: Topolobampa to Mazatlan 215nm 30hrs The full moon helped a lot!

Day 5: 11/2/20 We arrived at El Cid Marina on schedule. Settled in to our new digs and found the Captain's Lounge at the hotel, for a bite to eat. Tomorrow was housekeeping and ship shape.

Day 7:  Tom and Kay flew in from Portland to spend the week with us exploring Mazatlan.   And that we did!

Walked Patches this morning excited to pick our guests up at the airport!

After we got them settled in on Pairadice and toured the grounds...
it was time for a visit to Panchos!

Best top shelf Margaritas we've ever found!

And yes, table side flaming cheese dip!

Cheers with great friends! Thanks for showing up! Missed you! 

Altar is set up for "Day of the Dead" Celebration. 

Pool time. Kay and I played bingo, she won her first round and got a received 
a free t-shirt. 

Another day of sightseeing dining out at MacCaws. 

Roof top views and margarita's from downtown Mazatlan at the Freeman. 

Game night at the Captains Lounge... Mexican Train Dominos

Day fishing on the Sea so Kay could get her grove on and show up the men.

Kay is working her rod, bringing in dinner. 

The dorado (Mahi Mahi) are beautiful fish. and put up quite a fight. 

Patches is curious!

Heading back to our slip with the prize.

Everest, who is 12 years old was traveling with his parents on s/v Pandion. He was down to play a birthday concert on the bow Pairadice for that celebration. We sure do miss cruising with the Franz family as they are back home in Canada. 

And last, but not least, the finale, another trip downtown!

Today is actually, January 29th 2021. We have been in Mexico for 150 days, underway for 93 days. I understand this blog is behind... however, it's just the way that it goes. I plan to fill in the blanks sooner than later! Stay tuned! We head to El Salvador and Costa Rica in a few days....